Travel Medical Insurance

Traveling internationally is an exciting prospect for many individuals. Whether visiting another country for business, vacation, or education, no one intends to become ill or injured during their trip. However, such misfortunes occasionally happen. When they do, travel medical insurance becomes a crucial resource.

We are proud to offer travel medical insurance from GeoBlue, one of the leading providers for discerning travelers.

General Plans 

For trips of short to long duration, international health plans include:


This policy covers illnesses and accidents during a single trip.


“Frequent fliers” benefit from multiple-trip coverage.


Expatriates and long-term travelers receive benefits inside the U.S. and beyond.

Specialty Plans 

Individuals and groups with special needs may choose from one of our customizable plans, such as:

Voyager. On single trips, groups of five or more receive discounted rates.

Navigator (Education). Education-based health plans cover students and faculty for the long term. 

Navigator (Crew). Cruise line staff and other seafaring professionals benefit from group rates.

Navigator (Missionary). These plans have been designed for those who travel abroad for religious purposes.

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