Individual Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance¬† Going forward Individual Health Insurance can only be purchase during opening enrolment. The Exception to this is, if you have a qualifying event. Example of a qualifying event is marriage, change of jobs and a new addition to your family and so on. No one can be turn down for health insurance anymore nor can you be charge more because of preexisting conditions, everyone pays the same price whether they have health challenges or not. Now the price may vary based on, age, zip code, family size and whether you smoke of not, but it will not vary because of health. Based on an Individual income one can receive a tax credit/subsidy to help reduce the Health insurance premium for themselves and their family. You can qualify for subsidy/tax credit¬†based on your income and family size, which is based on your modify adjusted gross income. If your income falls within 100%-400% of the federal poverty level you’ll may qualify for subsidy. It is strongly recommend that you work with and agent or broker to help you pick a plan that fits you and your family needs. Not doing so can cause you to be struck in a plan for one year, that does not fit you or your family needs.

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