Past Issues With Healthcare

Past Issues With Healthcare

Most of us are very aware of the varying problems the healthcare system had or still have as some of you may say. The urgent need of access to affordable health insurance and the ever escalating healthcare costs is of a huge concern to every American. Almost all working families worry about the possibility of getting ill or injured and bot having health Insurance,because of the affordability of health insurance coverage or even basic healthcare.

In very recent past, many people were turned away because of pre-existing conditions or sicknesses. Others stay on jobs and work under almost inhumane conditions solely because the job offered some amount of insurance benefits. Not to mention that thousands of deaths each year are attributed to the lack of proper or no health coverage.

Healthcare Reform, is trying to change that. Yes the system is not prefect, but what system is? For the first time in US history, no American will be turn down because of health issues.




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