Critical Illness


There are very few of us who haven’t been touched by the critical illness of a loved one or a friend.  Many times, these illnesses are not only physically devastating, but financially devastating as well.  Illnesses such as cancer, end stage renal disease or stroke all take a terrible toll on individuals and families.  We can never know when they will strike, but our best defense is to be prepared with a critical illness insurance policy.


With a critical illness policy, a covered individual can receive lump sum payments when a diagnosis is first issued.  Coverage options are available for families as well.  The lump sum payments can help offset the costs of these critical illnesses and ease the financial burden for all involved.  Benefit payments are made in sums of $5,000 at a time up to $50,000.  Instead of going through every penny you worked so hard to save, consider purchasing a critical illness policy.

There are certain restrictions and limitations to coverage, such as preexisting conditions, certain cancers and self-inflicted conditions as well as age restrictions.  When considering a critical illness policy, make sure you go over all the details with a qualified insurance professional to find out how you can help your family by purchasing an effective critical illness policy that will cover you and your loved ones when it matters most.